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Shoring Equipment - Take it from the Top

Trench Shoring Company provides the construction industry with the finest in underground shoring equipment, Trench Tops™ (trench plates) and Competent Person Training: Trenching & Excavations and Confined Space Entry Training. We start with consultation before you begin excavation. Whether it's a small utility trench or a 10-mile sewer line, Trench Shoring Company has the equipment to meet your needs.

Trench Shoring Company has in stock, or will custom design, the required equipment to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. Trench Shoring Company's own Flex-Shield™ Trench Boxes, unique Z-Shore™ Hydraulic Shoring, the Slide Rail System, Pipe Plug & Pipe Testing Equipment and a variety of other shoring materials and supplies are all available for rental and purchase.

With service and construction shoring equipment inventory from our Southern California and Central California locations and Las Vegas, Nevada, Trench Shoring Company can meet your construction project needs.

National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) Training Seminars

Trench Shoring Company offers two NUCA Training Seminars. View the 2019 Schedule for these seminars Competent Person Training for Trenching and Excavations and Confined Space Entry Training. Our Competent Person Training provides comprehensive training in OSHA Safety and Compliance. These seminars are held at our Fullerton Training Facility and are scheduled on Saturdays. They begin at 7:00 am.  We can also provide these training seminars at your facility. Contact us for more information


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